My name is Jamie – I am a British post-doctoral researcher at the Geology Department in the Université de Liège in Belgium and honorary research associate at the Biology Department of the Universiteit Antwerpen.

I have recently completed my PhD looking into the ecomorphology of perissodactyl forelimbs. Perissodactyls are a group of predominantly large bodied mammals, also known as odd-toed ungulates. Members of this group include horses (such as zebra and wild ass), rhinoceroses, and their enigmatic forest cousins, the tapirs.

My current research focus is on the cranial morphology (skull shape) of Cretaceous marine reptiles, in particular the aquatic cousins of modern-day monitor lizards and snakes – the mosasaurs

In my time as a research student, I have studied cetacean morphology, evolution and phylogenetics at Cardiff University, and explored the morphological and biomechanical disparity of herbivorous (plant-eating) dinosaurs at the University of Bristol.

This site offers an overview of my research and interests past, present and future!